Thank you for visiting my little website!

I'm Garrett Gee. Adventure journalist, athlete, public speaker, designer, and family man.

My wife, Jessica and I are originally from Provo, Utah but are currently living abroad traveling around the world with our two children, Dorothy and Manilla :

When I was a Freshman at BYU I built my first app, Scan. Together with my talented team, we grew Scan into a successful app and business. After 4 special years and 100 million downloads, I left the company to create a new app. You'll see it soon enough.

While at BYU I also played for the soccer team. Once my college soccer career was complete I decided to continue my education outside of formal schooling and drop out. Soccer will always be my love. I've been searching for hobbies that might be able to replace the competition, camaraderie, and health that soccer provided my life for the past 20 years. Currently a lot of my focus has turned to natural body building. We'll see how that goes :)

I come from great parents and an amazing family. My life has been blessed with the best of friends that have always kept me on a good path. I love my wife and children. I love nutrition and everything healthy. I love traveling and photography (especially underwater). Lastly, if you reeeaaally want to know more about me, just watch these few movies : We Bought a Zoo, Walter Mitty, Tomorrowland, and About Time.


Garrett Gee